Get ready to FALL into a new and better routine!

What if instead of getting sucked into the couch and the latest TV show two nights a week you could stay motivated as the days get shorter, the temps cool, and the rain never seems to end?  You could improve your speed? Your Endurance? Your overall running skills?  Or heck, you could just get started running and be able to run consistently?

If any or all of that resonates with you, then our Monday and Wednesday Night Running Programs are for you! Over the course of 11 weeks we will:

  1. Keep you MOVING and MOTIVATED as the day’s shorten, and the temps cool.
  2. Work on a variety of speed and endurance drills designed to help you improve your running abilities
  3. All while locked down in one area so that no matter your ability, you aren’t left behind!
  4. Have you saying….”I never would have done that on my own…” (Most common comment at the end of class nearly every time, haha)
  5. Get you motivated to keep your butt of the couch, even when the winter weather starts to hit! 😉
  6. Improve your social life with a fabulous group of women who motivate each other
  7. Celebrate with some wine at the end of 11 weeks!

Sounds like FUN right? These 11 week programs run on Monday and Wednesday Night’s from 5:45 – 6:45 and are geared towards all levels – from run/walkers to marathoners.

We have a few openings left in our next sessions which kick off on October 7 and October 9, so click here to learn more!

And if you are wondering…do you really run outside when it is cold? YES! We absolutely do…but we promise, it isn’t as bad as you think. And if the weather really is uncooperative, you will at least be working on maintaining your strength and conditioning inside – (so much better than sitting on the couch, right!?)

Get the Glow: Solutions for Gorgeous Skin

Ankle pants vs. fleece leggings, statement necklaces vs. bulky scarves, and sundresses vs. sweaters – Spring is here! With the warmer weather we swap out our bulky Minnesotan attire for skin flaunting duds! We transition our closet from winter to spring, but do we transition our skin? Shedding the bulky layers of winter can often times reveal our neglected skin. Don’t let this get you down, below you will find four ways to help turn your dull, dry, acne prone skin into a hydrated, firm glowing masterpiece.

1.) We are what we eat

I know you have heard this one a million times; our diet directly affects our skin! We don’t have to look at this and sigh. There are many delicious foods out there that are great for the skin. Don’t make it complicated, keep it simple. Swap out refined, sugary, and salty foods for fresh, whole, juicy options. We are entering the season of farmers markets overflowing with antioxidant filled fruits and vegetables. Hit these up and eat your way to glowing skin.

2.) Drink your dry away

Plain and simple, we need to increase our hydration. Skin is the largest organ we have!Everything in our body is made up of cells, all cells are made up of water. Making the connection? Water is vital in aiding our digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion. Whoa – mind blowing isn’t it! That’s why it is important to get your 8+ glasses of H20 daily. Do you have a hard time remembering to drink water throughout the day? I find it easy to carry my water bottle around with me everywhere I go. This reminds me to sip all day long.

3.) Sweat away imperfections

You know this is my FAVORITE tip in promoting healthy skin! Heart pumping workouts increase blood flow in the human body. “Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin.” (Ellen Marmur, MD, author of Simple Skin Beauty) Exercise has the ability to carry away waste products, similarly to our friend H20. So in case you needed another great reason to workout, I just provided you with one!

4.) Nurture your way to Spring Skin

The fourth and final step to healthy skin is to nurture it with natural ingredients that can heal from the outside in. Choosing a quality cleanser and moisturizer that is void of toxins is key to achieving even tone and texture in your skin. We have all heard the wonderful benefits of Vitamins E,C, and A on the skin. When you are looking for quality products make sure they aren’t adding harmful endocrine blocking fragrances, parabens, and sulfates. These substances can cause increased dryness and acne; and thanks to hormones I don’t think any of us need help creating more acne! There are many great products on the market just make sure to do your research. One of my favorite skin care lines, Enfuselle, can be found here.

Summer is around the corner start incorporating these tips into your daily routine and you will  be headed down the path too glowing skin!

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

We are in the chilly grips of another Minnesota winter. The post-holiday blues have set in along with the
drippy noses, raw throats, and congested chests. This leaves many Minnesotan’s running to the closest
convenience store to stack up on all things Vitamin C. What many may not know is that there is another
essential vitamin that is especially important in our neck of the woods. The holy grail…..VITAMIN D!
Vitamin D is both a nutrient we eat and a hormone our bodies make.You may be familiar with Vitamin D’s role in promoting healthy bones and preventing those unwanted winter blues associated with sun deprivation, but there are many benefits you may not be familiar with.
– Vitamin D regulates the immune system and boosts immune cells production of microbe-fighting proteins. (Source: Harvard School of Public Health) Layman’s terms it helps prevent things like the flu, common cold, and a lot of the other icky crud that circulates in the colder weather months!
– Activated vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth (Source: WebMD)
– Vitamin D is also used to help lower blood pressure, risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and
multiple sclerosis (Source: WebMD)
Wondering how to add Vitamin D into your daily routine? While there are differing opinions on how
much Vitamin D is adequate- many studies show the optimal dosage to be1,000 IU a day. You can add
Vitamin D rich foods into your diet like: fortified milk, salmon,and eggs, but often times these foods still
leave you significantly under recommended guidelines. Our body produces Vitamin D when exposed to
sunlight, but because of our proximity to the equator and our harsh winters many people do not get the
sunlight required to fulfill the bodies need for Vitamin D production. Thankfully, Vitamin D is one vitamin
that is absorbed well in pill and liquid form. When looking for a reliable source of Vitamin D- make sure
to go with a reputable brand.
The brand I trust and rely on to provide my family and I with the Vitamin D we need is Shaklee, if you are interested in learning more about their Vitamin D and how it can help
boost your immune system you can visit the following link:
Here’s to a healthy rest of this Minnesota winter!

‘Make and Take’ Healthy Smoothie Workshop

There is NOTHING to shop for or chop or prep ahead of time….just bring your cooler and $25, and plan to have good conversation and some fun!

In under an hour, we will make, pack and freeze 7 different smoothies, so that all you have to do later is enjoy.

Important News

After nearly 4 memorable, fun-filled years CORE Exercise Studio, as it currently exists, will be closing its doors on August 31, 2012.

There were two very instrumental pieces behind this decision. First, after the forced move in May, the task of finding a new space that will fit the needs of CORE and of our members has proved to be tremendously challenging. Second, I used the summer of change to step back and evaluate CORE as a whole, as well as how CORE was fitting into my life and the lives of those closest to me.

The decision was difficult for me. As I reflect back on the past 4 years there is much to be thankful for. CORE’s accomplishments are a true testament to its talented staff, committed members, and the support of other businesses in the community. I am always humbled when I think of the trust that you, the members, along with the instructors have placed with me. Together we formed such a positive synergy that made CORE so unique. It simply wasn’t just a place to go and get a great workout, but it was a place to connect and re-energize. It was a place of true support, and encouragement, and for that it will truly be missed.

So what is next? For those of you that know me well, you know my passion for fitness and helping others with their journey is in my soul. I will always continue to teach. The running programs will continue, as will the Outdoor Bootcamps if there is adequate interest. If you would like to see the Tuesday 6:00 AM Bootcamp continue into September, please send me an email. Turkey Day Butt’s ‘n Guts, is a tradition, that must live on, so mark it on your calendars now!

Words simply cannot express how much I have enjoyed leading CORE, seeing it grow, and getting to know so many of you, nor is there a big enough Thank You to all of the wonderful instructors who shared their passion, enthusiasm, and love for fitness with you every day. I feel blessed to have had such a great group of people around me. While it is sad to see one door close, I am excited to see what new doors will open in the future.

Thank you for your support of CORE over the years.

Warm Regards,

Sarah Skoog

Classes Will Continue to Run Through August 31!

All classes will continue as scheduled through August 31, 2012 at our current location!  We plan to make our last few classes together fun and memorable, so we hope you join us!

CORE Is Moving!

moving boxesYes, CORE is moving! Due to some recent changes at the building we are located in, we have found ourselves without a lease after this month. After 3.5 years at 101 Park Place, CORE needs to find a new home. While the short notice is less than an ideal situation, we have a feeling that a move is only going to lead to bigger and better things. We have secured a new space for the immediate future that will allow us to run a scaled back class schedule that will include spinning, outdoor boot camps, our running programs, and some other favorites during the summer, while we transition.

We want the transition to be as smooth as possible for our members, and have created this page to answer any of your questions about our upcoming move and how that impacts your current memberships and summer schedule. We will make sure to keep you informed on all our upcoming plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question you don’t see answered.

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