Get ready to FALL into a new and better routine!

What if instead of getting sucked into the couch and the latest TV show two nights a week you could stay motivated as the days get shorter, the temps cool, and the rain never seems to end?  You could improve your speed? Your Endurance? Your overall running skills?  Or heck, you could just get started running and be able to run consistently?

If any or all of that resonates with you, then our Monday and Wednesday Night Running Programs are for you! Over the course of 11 weeks we will:

  1. Keep you MOVING and MOTIVATED as the day’s shorten, and the temps cool.
  2. Work on a variety of speed and endurance drills designed to help you improve your running abilities
  3. All while locked down in one area so that no matter your ability, you aren’t left behind!
  4. Have you saying….”I never would have done that on my own…” (Most common comment at the end of class nearly every time, haha)
  5. Get you motivated to keep your butt of the couch, even when the winter weather starts to hit! 😉
  6. Improve your social life with a fabulous group of women who motivate each other
  7. Celebrate with some wine at the end of 11 weeks!

Sounds like FUN right? These 11 week programs run on Monday and Wednesday Night’s from 5:45 – 6:45 and are geared towards all levels – from run/walkers to marathoners.

We have a few openings left in our next sessions which kick off on October 7 and October 9, so click here to learn more!

And if you are wondering…do you really run outside when it is cold? YES! We absolutely do…but we promise, it isn’t as bad as you think. And if the weather really is uncooperative, you will at least be working on maintaining your strength and conditioning inside – (so much better than sitting on the couch, right!?)