Run Now! Wine Later!

Want to stay motivated through these cold winter days as cabin fever starts to set in? Want to work on your strength and conditioning to help improve your speed come spring? Endurance? Running skills? Heck, just want to get started running and be able to run consistently? Then we think our Monday and Wednesday Night Running Programs are for you! Over the course of 11 weeks we will:

  1. Keep you MOVING and MOTIVATED as we trudge through the long winter days towards spring!
  2. Work on a variety of strength and conditioning drills designed to help you improve and build stamina for your running.
  3. We do get outside for a bit each night if we can (trust me, the fresh air is GOOD for us, especially this time of year), but we move to a focus of working on strength and conditioning inside for most of class.
  4. Have you saying….”I never would have done that on my own…” (Most common comment at the end of class nearly every time, haha)
  5. Get you motivated to keep your butt of the couch, even when all we want to do is go home after work and snuggle in! 😉
  6. Improve your social life with a fabulous group of women who motivate each other
  7. Celebrate with some wine at the end of 11 weeks!

Sounds like FUN right? These 11 week programs run on Monday and Wednesday Night’s from 5:45 – 6:45 and are geared towards all levels – from run/walkers to marathoners.

We have a few openings left in our next sessions which kick off on January 7 and January 9, so click here to learn more!

And if you are wondering…do you really run outside when it is cold? YES! We absolutely do for a bit…but we promise, it isn’t as bad as you think. And if the weather really is uncooperative, you will at least be working on maintaining your strength and conditioning inside – (so much better than sitting on the couch, right!?)

Runners to the CORE

Fit to the CORE offers a variety of running programs designed to meet your running goals whether you are a novice, or seasoned veteran. In order to provide you with individualized attention and training, we cap the maximum amount of participants for each program. Class is currently in session, but click here to see when new classes will be starting.

New Running Programs Kick off April 1st and April 3rd!

Spring is upon us, and despite the white stuff that is still sticking around, we are ready to RUN!  New sessions of the ever so popular Beginner’s Running Program and Running Conditioning Program kick off next week!  Spots WILL fill fast, so make sure to sign up EARLY!

New 6 Week ‘Run & Tone’ Class Kicks off in January!

Beat the winter blues with running!  We are kicking off a new session of our brand new ‘Run & Tone’ Class!  Similar to our much loved Running Conditioning Programs, but without a structured training plan, and a little more emphasis on strength and conditioning as opposed to running.  This class is geared towards a variety of fitness levels, from power walkers to runners, and will keep you moving this winter.


Spring Running Program Kicks Off April 4th!

Two separate programs, both designed to meet your running goals whether you are a novice, or seasoned veteran.  In order to  provide you with individualized attention and training, we cap each of the programs at 15 participants each. Participation is on a first come, first serve basis, so we encourage you to register early. (This is a very popular training program and fills quickly.)

These training programs will be held outside, so please dress accordingly. In case of inclement weather, the outdoor training programs may be re-scheduled, though we try to avoid this as much as possible. (Be prepared to run in wind, chilly temps, hot temps, drizzle…we are tough Minnesotans after all, and you can never control race day weather!)

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