30 Days of ‘Make & Take’ Smoothies!

You asked, and we aim to please! Over and over again, we get told that “it is just so much easier to prep the smoothies with you, and we want to make MORE.”

You bring your bag(s) of Shaklee Life Protein, and we will prep all the rest. That means there still is NOTHING to shop for or chop or prep ahead of time….

That means we do all the grocery shopping for you!

In about an hour, we will make and pack 30 smoothies, so that all you have to do is freeze and enjoy later! Doesn’t get much simpler than that does it?!


Step 1: Fill out the form for the date of the workshop you are registering for, and select 1, 2, 3, or 5 flavors. If you select 5, you will be packaging up 6 of each. If you select 3, you will be packaging up 10 of each. If you select 2, you will be packaging up 15 of each, and if you select 1, well…I think it’s obvious how many you are getting. 😉 Sign-up is below!

Step 2: Order your Shaklee Life Protein ahead of time so you can bring to your workshop. I recommend ordering at least 7-10 days in advance so you have it in time. If you would like to add a super healthy boost to those smoothies, you might also want to order the organic greens booster! One small serving is a ONE FULL CUP of veggies.

(If you are already a member, don’t forget to login with your credentials so that you get your discount!)

Step 3: Come to the event with your protein and a small cooler. We will have all the ingredients for all 30 smoothies purchased and ready to assemble!


  • 30 days worth of delicious and nutritious smoothie packs for your freezer!
  • Sheet of recipes for the smoothies you selected
  • An average of 5 hours of time saved
  • A fun hour out

Yup… just reach into the freezer each day, select a baggy, add your choice of liquid… hit the blend button!!! Perfect for quick and easy breakfasts!

This was a fun informative class, Sarah, you did a marvelous job.
Been having peanut butter smoothies all week, use PB2 to save on fat and calories. Yum.
Thanks for revisiting my interest in smoothies, and helping me put some variety in my smoothie menu.”
~ Lisa Stifter


There are only twelve spots available for each workshop, so RSVP via the links below!

  • Tuesday, September 18 @ 6:00 PM (Registration closes Monday, September 17) – 
  • We also do private workshops scheduled. They make a great girls night, Saturday morning coffee gathering, couples night, etc.  Contact us, if you would like to schedule your own!

There are only twelve spots available for each workshop, so RSVP via the links above!


At this time we are only offering this workshop to those that are using the Shaklee Life Protein.  We are big believers in selecting a good quality, clean product that isn’t full of additives, and artificial ingredients. The Shaklee Life Energizing Shake Mix is available in either plant or soy based formulas and contains 20 grams of protein per serving.. Learn more about the energizing shake mix here.

You are going to need enough protein for 3o full servings. That is either:

  • 2 Canisters
  • 1 Bag

Make sure to make note of how many servings of each flavor you will need (chocolate/vanilla), based on your smoothie selections. While some smoothies are able to be made with either, some recipes don’t taste as delicious when one is substituted for the other. 🙂

Depending on smoothie selections and if you would like extra, you may want to consider the Family Pack, – unless you utilize vitamins – in which case message me and I can recommend some other foundation regimen options for you.

Other benefits with the Family Pack or a Foundation Regimens:

  • You can select two flavors (if you like)
  • You might be eligible for a free membership! (You don’t need to order a certain amount to keep your membership, and it gives you 15-25% off all purchases, including their awesome cleaning and beauty products!)

Don’t forget, if you are already a member, make sure to login with your credentials so that you get your discount!


Sarah Skoog, Fit to the Core

Sarah Skoog, Fit to the Core

Karen Morland, Avocado Runners

Karen Morland, Avocado Runners